All about Baby Teeth, When you can expect your child’s pearly white baby teeth to appear in the mouth

All about Baby Teeth, When you can expect your child’s pearly white baby teeth to appear in the mouth.

Baby Teeth Diagram

Every parent wants to know if their child’s teeth are developing normally. This chart shows you when to expect to get and lose baby teeth. The eruption pattern of baby teeth can be different than what you see in this chart. When it’s different it may still fall within normal limits or the developing teeth, it’s a good idea though to be evaluated by a pediatric dental specialist. Sometimes eruption of teeth can be obstructed by muscle attachments, cysts, habits and other anomalies. Early detection of obstructions can be beneficial for speech, mastication, oral-facial development. If you’re wondering about your child’s developing dentition. We recommend that you see a pediatric dentist as soon as the first baby teeth come into the mouth.

Baby teeth begin erupting into the mouth at around 6 months of age to a year. This important milestone shows your baby’s transition from a gummy smile to a toddlers toothy grin! Learning how to care for your toddler’s teeth is different than how an adult sets their own oral hygiene regime. Each child has a specific needs as bacterial flora and pacifier/thumb habits affect the erupting teeth. Your pediatric dental specialist can give you all the tips and tools to best care for your baby.

Visiting Dr. Deko, Dr. Obebe and Dr. Foltz at village pediatric dentistry you can learn how to clean your baby’s teeth with soft bristle brushes, and learn to wipe your baby’s gums with clean gauze. Dental insurance covers these well baby visits and can help you keep your child’s mouth healthy. Visit our office in Vickery Village so your child can learn to love the dentist and grow up cavity free!

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